MIA Most people will tell you great things about Michael Prince; he’s a great dad, husband, friend, a generous guy, funny, a dog lover, etc. With that all said I have something to confess, I hate Michael Prince.

I shoot beautiful people in beautiful places wearing beautiful things and only sometimes I get a beautiful picture. Michael shoots real people in real places, i.e. inner city Detroit, and gets some of the most amazing images I have ever seen.

Take for instance this image on Michael’s homepage. I have shot the same thing a hundred times and haven’t come close to getting anything portfolio worthy, while Michael turns a layover into an opening portfolio piece. Maybe it’s luck but the windows in the airports during my layovers are always too dirty to shoot, the weather too blah, or the planes are in the wrong place. If I could stage the perfect airport shot it wouldn’t come close to this with so many awesome things naturally occurring. It is a perfect moment without any additional smoke and mirrors (this coming from me, a photographer that uses lots of smoke and mirrors).

Things like this seem to happen to Michael a lot, in fact almost every day. Look through his site, his blogs, and his kids pictures, the most amazing things always seem to happen right in front of him. And on top of that, you always seem to like the people in his photos. Seldom is there anyone in a Michael Prince photo I do not find intriguing. And perhaps that is because so many people find Michael intriguing. In fact, in public I say that myself, but when I am totally honest with myself, I hate Michael Prince.

Although…it would be a lot harder to hate him if he sent me a signed print of the above image.