A few months back, we posted this quote from George Bernard Shaw on our blog: Life isn’t about finding yourself; life is about creating yourself.


This adage rings so true in our fast-paced, ever-changing industry where artists need to continuously push their creative limits and constantly evolve, learn and grow. The more we thought about this quote and our goals for the new year, the more we realized how important it is for our artists to not only share this evolution through their work but through their words.


Thus was born our latest promotional piece: Inspiration.

In collaboration with Michael Ancevic of the Fantastical, we conceived of a piece that goes beyond the imagery, films and multi-media content that our artists create and share their thoughtfulness, process and vision.

We simply asked each of our artists, what inspires you?


We are so grateful to our entire roster for participating in this project and sharing with us a piece of their journey. As we sat with their submissions, letting the emotions evoked by each piece roll over us, we felt privileged to have the insight into the feelings that sparked their creations. Often as viewers we talk about how we are influenced by a photograph, film or other work of art. It is quite a treat to hear the creators take on it. The finished product, the INSPIRATION Zine, can be found as a supplement in the latest issue of Archive Magazine and it’s companion agency reel is now live on our site.


We have been so energized by this project that we would like to keep the inspiration flowing  by inviting you to share what inspires you via Instagram. Join the conversation! Share a photo, quote or video and tag #RiadInspires.