Behind the Scenes with Troy House and NetJets

Behind the Scenes with Troy House and NetJets


NEWSLETTER_NETJETS_BALLERINA After 20+ years [in this business], I’ve always wanted to shoot at a theatre from behind the stage. Originally, the plan was to build a theatre set, but I strongly felt we needed to find an existing theatre. There’s something to be said about the authenticity of the heavily draped curtain, and marked up wooden floor. We found this…and it lived up to exactly what I’d hoped.

NEWSLETTER_NETJETS_FIREPLACE This shot was very meticulously propped. And it was amazing to watch the talent get on set and naturally assume their roles.


You think you can have control of where you put the plane but you can’t, this was a working airport, and they kind of needed their runway. We put the plane to the side and made it work.


I have a son the same age and could see the model was tired. I told everyone to give me a couple of minutes to get the boy and the puppy to fall asleep. I patted the puppy’s head and sang to them. In a few minutes, I had this shot.


Troy House takes us behind the scenes of a NetsJets photo shoot.

To me NetJets is about luxury, trust and customer appreciation. The creative team had an impeccable eye for style, and a strong understanding of the NetJets clientele. The client/agency had a really clear idea of what they wanted, and it was amazing to help bring their vision to life. We shot for two days in Westchester County and New Jersey. Here are some of the photos. –Troy House

I didn’t sing to these guys.

Client: NetJets
Agency: AgencySacks
President and CEO: Andrew Sacks
ECD: Gino Carolini
Art Director: Suzanne Frenk
Copywriter: Alexandra Setnikar
Account Director: Erin Christensen
Senior AE: Brette Kreyer
Agency Producers: Vanessa Griggs/Natalie Bertaux
Photo Producer: Lindsay Lewis, L2Productions
Casting Director: Renee Torriere, Shadows Castings