Photographers have the remarkable ability to capture and share the beauty of humanity with people around the world. It is in this spirit that Keena and Stebs, Keena’s long time best friend and creative accomplice, reached out to Projects For All, a non-profit that brings off-the-grid learning centers and internet hubs to communities with no access to education. Keena and Stebs offered to create content the organization could use to promote Hello World, their initiative to reach the remote villages of Africa and help them get internet access.

After 36 hours of travel, Keena and Stebs spent two weeks in Uganda documenting the Hello World team as they spent time in the communities teaching them how to build their “hello hubs.” As Keena tells us, “from day one it was our goal to document the excitement, the hard work, and the hope that was overflowing from the people involved in these projects. Non-profit organizations can only go so far without funding. Powerful photos and video can make a world of difference in their presentation of what they do. I love making people excited by sharing their story and I think that we accomplished exactly that with our time in Uganda.”
It is truly a special collaboration when a duo such as these two can take what they do for commercial clients worldwide and bring it to an organization completely dedicated to helping others. To learn more about Hello World visit their website.
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